Thursday, June 3, 2010

it's the little things.

deltacollection020copy.jpg hand written letter from delta, from after she was sick. image by febeluvsdelta

it's the little things, the little things, the little things. 
to quote Company and all. but it's true. getting a job interview. an unexpected letter or phone call from a friend.a horrible morning that turns into a great afternoon. my grandmother is great with little things. there is a whole generation of women who appreciate the little things and make a point to make others smile. i have recently started this process of making little things important. calling on a friends birthday, writing letters when i'm away, keeping better in touch. joining that generation of women who send thank yous, and save the dates. despite the fact that my grandmother thinks i will never stick with this, i am going to prove her wrong. and it might be cheezy and stepford wife-ish but what's wrong with the little things?

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