Tuesday, June 8, 2010

to the mountains i go....

well, tomorrow i head off for another adventure. to a place many have gone and many have returned. in good spirits i leave for camp. yes, i said camp. i am 22 years old and i am going to summer camp. don't get me wrong i am going to work and build sets for small children but this is my first experience with sleep away camp. and i have to admit i'm kind of nervous! like the kind of nervous you get before you go to disney world or go on a first date. it's a nervous excitement. that's it nervitement. ha, new word. anyway, i cleaned my car, packed basically my whole life in a trunk, and will be leaving for three months to the beautiful (at least i've been told it's beautiful) catskill mountains. i do not know where i will be living, or who i will be living with, nor do i know exactly what the hell i'm going to be building. so, in a nut shell (help i'm in a nut shell....sorry sidebar) i am going into this situation blind. and to tell you the truth, that's the most scary part. i'm not a social mole rat or something but i have the people i am close to and frankly new people kind of scare me. BUT. i am going to put my best foot forward. (it's the left foot, in case you were wondering) and make the best of it.  
wish me luck. once again, here goes something.

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