Wednesday, March 16, 2011

30 Day Photo Thingy...Might As Well

I saw this thing on the Facebook. I wanted to give it a try but didn't wanna spam Facebook. I'm doing it here :)

30 Days starting now...Day 1: Picture of Myself and 10 facts.

1. i love crappy t.v.
2. i am a great cook but a terrible baker.
3. i can weld.
4. i love photography and wish I was better at it.
5. i can't keep nail polish on to save my life.
6. i love to play really ridiculous games for days.
7. if i like something, i stick with it.
8. i wish i read as many books as i used to.
9. i love to write but wish i was better at it.
10. i am excited about spring and about getting outside.


  1. As many books as you use to what?

  2. as I used to read. I used to read a lot more. are you sleep deprived?