Wednesday, March 16, 2011

getting back on the fashion wagon...

So, I realized I have been in a rut. A paint covered, dirty, fashion rut. I got comfortable in my "carpenter lady" persona and started wearing jeans and flannel more than Dan Conner from Roseanne. I was a sad sorry state. Every time I went to get dressed I doubted myself and my fashion sense. In college I was a fashion lover and would dress for no reason at all. In high school my friends called me 'Catalog Crockett' because I was so put together! What was wrong with me? I couldn't understand why I couldn't put a damn outfit together to save my life so it was back to flannel and jeans. Comfortable and warm.

Recently, my wonderful beau (Matt) and I went on a vacay to NOLA. I got a chance to dress a bit for our friends wedding but I still wasn't really feeling it. On our last night in town we went to eat at Restaurant August (John Besh's yummy, yummy restaurant in the Quarter). Anyway, I decided to really go all out and get jazzy. I put on my red dress and a pair of sky high pumps. You should have seen my baby's face! I haven't gotten that many compliments from Matt in years. That's when I knew, I hadn't lost it! My fashion sense was just tucked way, WAY down. I needed to find my inner New York stylish bitch, my Blair!

SO! A couple of days ago I started my new internship and my return to fashion! Since I'm not hauling lumber or painting daily, I am going to dress for success (cheese...) everyday I can. No more sweatpants and t-shirts around the house on my days off. I'm also growing out my hair, no more cuts for this lady (just trims!) It's spring and that means it's time or fashion! And in honor of that, today will be no different! I don't know what I'm doing today but I will be fabulous! Catalog Crockett is back! (And BTW the new Spring Dolce and Gabbana Collection is to die for!) See for yourself...

 Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear

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