Thursday, August 26, 2010

My New Crush...

my new york (in fall)

in one week, it will be the one year anniversary of my decent into nyc. and all i can say is it has been bliss.i am happy to be back in the city and although the mountains were beautiful, i am happy to be back to civilization and food. (food not eaten in a cafeteria). but it's not only the city i am excited about it's the time of year. autumn means a lot of things...fall fashion week, my sweetheart's birthday, farmers markets, beer gets heavier, friends come home from vacations, holidays, sweaters and scarves, drinking hot coffee outside and not sweating to death. sure, i'm excited but you would be too if you were here. things just seem to happen when summer is over. the cool weather rolls in and suddenly new york wakes up. and i am awake too. ready for year two. with a successful summer out of the way, an interview soon and lots of happy thoughts to look forward to... it's a hell of a town.

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