Friday, August 27, 2010

orange you glad you're not that color?

unfortunately, we live in a country where GTL or (gym, tanning, laundry)are words to live by. i can get behind clean clothes and keeping physically fit but getting inside a human microwave for 10 minutes a day to be orange. aka, fake tanning. BUT! fortunately tanning is becoming just as bad as tobacco, at least to President Obama. He has put into effect the "tanning tax". if you get a tan in a salon you are now taxed. I say, bravo, sir. because looking like a citrus is just not attractive. here are some of my favorite perpetrators. 

jessica simpson

lindsay lohan

entire cast of the real housewives of orange county

the entire cast of the jersey shore

however, there had also been a surge of women in the media who have embraced their natural skin tone.i would just like to express my love for woman who aren't orange. thank you.

scarlett johansson

evan rachel wood

julianne moore

christina ricci

mary kate olsen.

<3. and that was my rant about fake tanning. <3.

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  1. Well looks like you have some very good likes....Keep it up.